4 – Wiring the chassis and Modules

Please check your Kit content against the list to the right.

Take care to first review the steps outlined below, assemble the necessary tools, parts etc.

Many of the required connections can be made without using a soldering iron. However the connections for the RCA Jacks and from the MC Stepup Transformers as well as the LCR Modules require soldering. For the RCA Jack ring connections and the ground binding post we recommend a soldering iron of at least 50-60Watt power. All other solder connections should use a smaller soldering iron with 25Watt power or (better) be of the electronically regulated type.

When making connections to the IEC sockets and the mains transformers take great care to make solid connections and to isolate the bare connections using the included heat shrink sleeving. Please avoid pulling the wires exiting from the Transformer, as too much tension may cause internal shorts or disconnect the wire, rendering the transformer unusable.

The iron cover of the transformer shielding cage is set into place on the blue mastic provided. This provides a non-vibrating fit and makes removal easy.

4.1 Parts included in the kit:

1pc Projekt box 70 x 300 x320
1set steel box transformer shielding
4pcs Isomount feet
1pc IEC connector
1pc power switch
1pcs 4.7K/0.25W resistor
1pc 1N4007 (FR107) diode
1pc LED (power indicator)
3pair RCA DIYers friend silver
2pcs MUMetal Cinemag Stepup Transformer (optional)
2pcs Silk LCR EQ modules 600Ohm
2pc Universal Tube Stage
2pcs Power Transformer for UTS
2pc Tesla ECC88
2pcs 0.68uf polystyrene capacitor
2pcs 680r 1w tantalum resistor
2pcs 100K/0.25W resistor
4pcs 33R/0.25W resistor
4pcs premium Japan silver contact switches (MM/MC, high low, mono, mute)
1m teflon connection wire
0.5m Pair of mains wiring wires (black/white)
1set Other wires
1set 30um MuMetal Shielding for LCR EQ modules
30cm mesh shield for power wires

4.2 Wire up the mains connections 


4.3 Wire up the Power connections, outputs, Led & Switches


4.4 Wire up the LCR EQ Modules 


4.5 Wire up the MC Stepup Transformers and MM Inputs

4.6 Photo of completely wired input section


4.7 Back panel functions:
(Looking at back panel from back)
Right RCA: output to linestage
Middle RCA: MM input
MM/MC select: right – MM; left – MC
MC Gain select: up – high / down – low
Left RCA: MC input
Ground post: Tonearm Ground wire connection
4.8 Front Panel Functions
(Looking at front panel from front)
Left switch: up – On / down – Off
Central LED: Power indicator – On = Power On
Mono/Mute Switch group to the right of the Power Indictor LED
Left switch: up – Stereo / down – Mono
Right Switch: up – Play / down – Mute
4.9 Technical Data
Power: 110 to 240V AC 40W
THD: 0.1% at 1V RMS
Gain MM: 38dB
Input Imp. MM: 47KOhm
Gain MC Lo: 62dB
Input Imp. MC Lo: 140 Ohm
Gain MC Hi: 68dB
Input Imp. MC Hi: 36 Ohm
Frequency Response: 22hz to 30k +-0.6db RIAA
Output Impedance : < 200 Ohm
Signal to Noise: 86dB
Inputs: 2 sets RCA, MM/MC
Outputs: Left and Right RCA
Grounding Interface: 1
Size with feet (mm): 300 x 320 x 90 (LWH)
Shipping Weight: 15Kg
4.10 Photo of completely wired Vinyl Song, transformer shielding open 


4.11 Photo of completely wired Vinyl Song, transformer shielding closed