Check this out:
at the front we have the controls and the power supply. All the digital bits flow across those ribbons to selector (left), volume (right) and the audio signal board (chassis back).

The audio signal board uses end-to-end analogue potentiometers to adjust volume and vacuum silver relays to select source. The great thing is the audio signal board can be mounted beside the I/O jacks and the power supply can be put far away. This minimizes noise and maximizes musical fidelity.

Quiet it is. Next week I’ll report some measurements.

Now notice the 2 little round circles with roach-like occupants, flanking the 2 red caps on the audio board. Those are the LSK389 JFET so that the JFetted outputs can drive any load (Zout 50 ohms!). But, these can be bypassed with the direct out connection going to another set of outputs. You’d want to keep the cables very short if used direct out.


We will also offer a CNC’d front plate just like you see to premount the Control matrix board (the one attached to the knobs) to be used with your own chassis.


Now how about those 127 steps? It’s the first time we’ve ever had a device with 127 step attenuation. It’s like having 5.5 x 23 step volume controls. What’s it like to use? Jailbreak! Really. It’s like the difference between looking at the world through prison bars or looking out a panoramic window.

And the sound: surprisingly smooth. Why surprisingly? Because it ain’t got tubes! But it is passing along 100% of the tube-sound upstream.