Django Reinhardt played guitar with two only fingers on the left hand due to an early injury. He turned this liability into an asset by inventing new fingering for jazz chords, fingering that inspired the great jazz guitarists that followed and is still used today. The Django transformer line stage also takes a creative approach and eschews unnecessary active components, while still providing +6db of gain and setting a new standard of performance, especially at low listening levels when all the highs and lows are still present in scale. Clarity,dynamics, and tone are finally realized in a passive line stage.

TVC was unheard of only a few short years ago but are actually a veryearly form of volume control. With the advent of much cheaper carbonwiper pots, TVC were pushed aside and forgotten.

But a TVC is superior:

No signal loss. Resistorattenuators throw away signal by converting electricity to heat. Itcould be analogous to controlling the speed of an automobile using thebrake while the gas peddle is pushed to the floor. The TVC simplytrades voltage for current by stepping up/down, much like a gearboxtrades gear ratio against torque. Result is full dynamics even whenplaying at low listening levels and greater dynamics/ transparencyacross the range.

Passive operation so no power conditioning issues. No self noise.

Django is a creative approach for a lossless and noiseless preamp or volume control.