TJ Tubes

TJ mesh plate 300B has been our all time favorite since 2000. Why?

You will find the answer in the article from Thorsten Loesch regarding his test on 9 different 300B valves (

Is TJ mesh plate 300B reliable?

Yes. We are not just a reseller. We do our own in-house quality control and branding.

We don’t rely on the single point measurement from the factory. We do curve tracing test for each tube. The curves can reveal a lot more about tube characteristics, and can detect abnormal behaviors. Therefore we are able to disqualify tubes even though they have passed manufacturer’s test.

In additional to curve tracing test, we do actual audition to each tube. 

Therefore, we are confident with the quality of our TJ Tubes. “12-month warranty on TJ Tubes” has been our policy since 2000. Buyers need to send back the original tubes at their cost and then we will ship out replacement and cover one way shipping fee, provided the tubes were used within the typical operating condition.


How are the TJ tubes matched?

Our TJ tubes are better matched than the factory matched pair. How come? Just consider this fact – one time we received 10 matched pair from the factory, they are all marked as “65mA”. The “65mA” is all that the factory relies on for matching. But only when we potted the plate current curves of each tubes, that’s the time we could see that the electronic performance of those 20 tubes tubes are actually different from one another. After carefully comparing the curves of those 20 tubes, only 3 to 4 pairs we can consider as “matched pair”. You can hear the difference when the tubes are well matched.

How will the tubes be packed and shipped?


Vacuum tubes are very delicate and prone to shipping damage caused by transit vibration. All couriers throw and drop their parcels, therefore, tube packaging has to be shockproof. And all our big tubes are surrounded by shock-absorbing materials that is in between the inner box and the strong outer box.


Shipping is via FedEx instead of the post office. If you are from the Philippines, we can ship it out by lalamove/JRS. 


Comments from owners

” [TJ mesh plate 300B is] much better than with the Genalex tubes !!!” — A buyer from Belgium, Sep 2021 

” Very nice!  They [TJ mesh plate 300B] are excellent top to bottom and of course- wonderful midrange.  They are my current preference in the Lampizator Big7 DAC.” — A buyer from SC, US. Sep 2021

” The sound [of TJ mesh plate 300B] is simply amazing compared to the Electro-Harmonix Gold that I was using, so much more musical and with details I have never heard before.”– A buyer from NSW, Australia. Jan 2022


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