Tube Amplifiers & Vintage Speakers

Django TVC Preamp

Ultimate Transparency

Ladyday 300B

Coming Soon


12AX7/12AU7 for MM/MC

Mini Amp

13.5 x 13.5 x 12cm only!

Reisong Amp

EL34, KT88 & 300B Amp. Starting at $399!

Vintage Speaker

High efficiency for tube amp

Why tube amp?

Tube amplifiers sound more natural and warm than solid-state amplifiers. 

Are tubes still in production?


How does tube amp work?

(coming soon)

What is a good preamp?

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What amplifier should I choose?

Consider the following factors.

(1) how big is my listening area? What is the distance between the speaker and the audience?

(2) How loud do I want to play?

(3) What is the output level of my source?

(4) What is the sensitivity of my speakers?

Then you can compute the power needed from your power amplifier.

We will update this page with some calculations. Coming soon…