Supermalloy Transfomer Volume Control

Price for a pair.


Replacement of your existing preamp or volume control.

A 23-steps switch is needed and can be purchased in our shop.


The sound will be smoother, more transparent and detailed, especially in low level listening.

How does TVC work?

Just by touching the TVC and the resistors you will notice the difference – TVC is cool while resistors are warm or even hot.

TVC trasfers almost every all signal from a higher volume input to lower volume output. However, resistors or carbon pot burns away signals in the process of adjusting the volume. It results in loss of details especially in low volume listening when large amount of signals have to be burnt away.

Each TVC is enclosed in beautiful stainless 5x7cm can with mounting brackets.


How is our Supermalloy TVC better than other TVC ?

Premium core offers +40% increase in permeability with even lower hysteresis and coercive force. The new core has almost double the permeability! It has the highest inductance, highest Q factor, lowest hysteresis; coercive force. Transfer of signal energy (even minute details) is improved to another new level. And bass to rock the foundations: at 20Hz, the new TVC has around 1,100 to 1,200h! the quality difference between this and typical Permalloy is huge!


Supermalloy TVC

This TVC provides smooth & natural sound without sound energy loss compared with Tantalum resistor embedded 23 position attenuator that I used before.
It is very pleasant & confortable sound. Good!