Which 300B is the best? TJ 300B  won the game.

“Sonically this valve was a revelation…  It offers that clarity, directness and openness I know from my 45’s but adds power and even more resolution. I love it. The tonal balance is very even-handed, the soundstage is ridiculously extended and opened up. Detail, especially these little background things are exceptionally well resolved” … See full review in Enjoy the Music.com

Are these made-in-China tubes reliable?  Yes – if they are well tested and well packed.

Our TJ Full Music tubes are all individually tested when they arrive and we pack them with shock absorbing material for safe shipping. Therefore, although some buyers had bad experience with Full Music tubes from other resellers, we are confident with our TJ Full Music tubes. Our TJ Full Music tubes usually last for years without any problem.

What is the warranty? 12 Months.

We provide 12-months warranty for all our TJ Full Music tubes. Defective or damaged tube has to be shipped back to us for inspection, then we will send out replacement without charge.

Can i buy one tube? Yes.

Although tubes are listed as matched pair, you can buy only one tube. Please contact us to order a single tube.