Classification- It is a Twin triode. Dome-type bulb of glass, copper ceramic base with eight golden pins.

Application -It intended for use a voltage amplifier or Phase inuerter. 

Dimensions -Dimensions, outline diagrams of the tube and bases, and the arrangement of electrode connections to the base terminals are shown in the below drawings.

Nominal operating conditions and parameters 

Heater voltage : 6.3V

Heater current : 0.6A

Plate voltage : 250V

Grid voltage : -8V

Plater resistance : 7.7kohms

Plate current : 9mA

Amplification factor : 20

Heater-cathode voltage : 90V

6SN7 tube DIY Hifi Supply

Characteristics-Average characteristics 

Figure 3. shown typical curves of plate currents of grid voltage for several values of plate voltages. It is an alternating-current filament supply.


Limiting Operation Conditions for Safe Nor simultaneous ratings 

Maximum plate voltage : 300 V

Maximum Grid voltage : -50V

Maximum Grid voltage : 0V

Maximum Power of plate : 2.5W