TJ 2A3 Tubes

How are the TJ tubes matched?

Our TJ tubes are better matched than the factory matched pair. How come? Just consider this fact – one time we received 10 matched pair from the factory, they are all marked as “65mA”. The “65mA” is all that the factory relies on for matching. But only when we potted the plate current curves of each tubes, that’s the time we could see that the electronic performance of those 20 tubes tubes are actually different from one another. After carefully comparing the curves of those 20 tubes, only 3 to 4 pairs we can consider as “matched pair”. You can hear the difference when the tubes are well matched.

How will the tubes be packed and shipped?


Vacuum tubes are very delicate and prone to shipping damage caused by transit vibration. All couriers throw and drop their parcels, therefore, tube packaging has to be shockproof. And all our big tubes are surrounded by shock-absorbing materials that is in between the inner box and the strong outer box.


Shipping is via FedEx instead of the post office. If you are from the Philippines, we can ship it out by lalamove/JRS. 

Sample Curve Tracing

$340 Per Matched Pair

Curve tracing vs single point test. Tube factories matches tubes based on a single-point measurement. But we performs one to two hundreds mesurements in order to plot the curves. Therefore, our test can reveal  tube characteristic that is hidden in other tests. Hidden problems can also be revealed.

Why is matching important for tubes? Each tube is different from one another due to the handmade processing. You may be surprised how two tubes perform differently even though they are labelled as “matched” with the single-point test. But power tubes are so critical that matching them carefully can make the music more alive!

The curves also can reveal problems that is hidden. It can reject problematic tubes in the early stage and reduce defective / return rate. It means it can save you possible future shipping cost.

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