5 – Testing and first power-up

The modules making up your Vinyl Song Kit are individually tested before shipping. So no extensive testing is required. However, we recommend a set of basic checks before first switch-on.

5.1 Basic testing and checks 

Please re-check all the wiring and connections against the drawings and Photos. Check that no components on the PCB have been shifted or pushed from their correct position and that no components make any contact with others.

You should especially check Q2 and Q102, located near the tube socket. You can find their exact location by checking the component designators on the PCB Overlay.

Check that for 115V Mains a 1A slow blow fuse is fitted to the IEC Sockets fuse holder. For 230V the Fuse should be 0.5A.

5.2 Testing the Mains Transformer Wiring

Using a multimeter set to resistance measurement check the following conditions are present on the IEC Connector:

1) There is no continuity or resistance from either the L(ive) or N(eutral) pin to the E(arth) Pin.

2) There is a zero ohm or very close to zero ohm (<<1Ohm) resistance between the E(arth) pin and the Vinyl Song Chassis.

3) If your Vinyl Song Kit is wired for 115V you should measure around 15 to 20 Ohm between L(ive) and N(eutral).

4) If your Vinyl Song Kit is wired for 230V you should measure around 60 to 80 Ohm between L(ive) and N(eutral).

5.3 First Switch-on

We recommend you carry out the first switch-on without the E88CC Tubes fitted, with the case open and the cover from the shielding case for the transformers removed.

Upon connecting the mains cable and turning the power switch to “On” the power LED should light up, followed by one each Blue LED on the UTS Boards.

There should be no smoke or burning smell. If you notice any such, please immediately switch off and disconnect the mains cable. Then check your work and rectify any faults.

If all appears okay leave the Vinyl Song on for another minute or two. Then switch off, disconnect the mains-cable and check the temperature of the mains transformers.

If they are at room temperature all is okay. If they have a very elevated temperature you may have a short somewhere in your wiring or a damaged transformer.

If everything is okay, you can fit the transformer shield cover, the tubes and complete the assembly of the Vinyl Song.

For a final check connect the mains cable and switch on. After around 1 minute measure with your multimeter the DC voltage on each RCA Output. This should be no more than a few millivolt.

If all is as expected, you can move your Vinyl Song into your system for a first listen.