International Shipping

(1) FedEx or UPS Envelope

  • For documents or slim items
  • Low or no commercial value

(2) FedEx Pak

  • Maximum 2.5kg
  • A FedEx pack is about 5600 cubic cm. Good for one pair of 300B.
  • Cheaper than FedEx Box

(3) FedEx or UPS Box

For each kg, FedEx allows maximum 5000 cubic cm while UPS allows only 4000 cubic cm.

One pair of 300B including packaging is around 5000 cubic cm. If it’s shipped via FedEx, it will be charged at the 1kg rate while UPS will charge at the 2kg rate.

(4) Post Office Registered Airmail

  • Cheap for parcel less than 250g
  • Only available for 12 countries
  • No tracking facility
China, Hong Kong, Japan,
Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan,
Thailand, Singapore
New Zealand
250g12.56 13.0717.80

By choosing this cheaper shipping method, you understand and accept the risk of postal delay or postal loss. We as the seller are not liable for any postal delay or postal loss.

After posting the parcel, we will give you an “airmail registration number”, some people thought it’s a tracking number. However, the registration number often simply shows “the parcel left the country”. Usually, no other detail will be provided.

Moreover, it’s almost impossible to get a reply from the post office if your parcel doesn’t show up. Most of the time you just wait then the parcel will be delivered one day. If you cannot accept this risk or uncertainty, please choose FedEx or UPS service.

How long is the delivery time of post office airmail?

The post office doesn’t provide any information regarding the longest delivery time. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most airmail shipments can be delivered in 1-2 weeks. Occasionally customers tell us that their shipments were delivered after a month. We also experienced that some airmail parcels were lost. Those were experiences from before the pandemic. The delivery time now is expected to be much longer during this pandemic.

There are reviews posted on Jan 2021 saying that parcels were delivered in 27 days from the Philippines to the US during the pandemic.

Local delivery

We can delivery via Lalamove to areas around manila or via JRS to anywhere in the Philippines. JRS only cost P100-P200 and can deliver to anywhere in the Philippines.