International Courier Service (UPS or FedEx)

Only available for business addresses.

Not available for private or residential addresses.

The explaination below is from a DHL agent, yet, the customs issue applies also to UPS or FedEx.

DHL Russia Shipping Restrictions

If you’re planning on shipping packages to Russia with DHL, you’ll need to read this important note.

DHL shipments can not be sent to private or residential addresses in Russia. This is in light of Russian restrictions on all dutiable shipments sent to private individuals.

Attempting to ship to a private/residential address in Russia with DHL will most likely result in the package being returned to sender. This is because Russian customs authorities will examine all imported and dutiable shipments with extreme scrutiny, which will cause the shipment to be held for an inordinate amount of time (it can take weeks to clear customs in Russia at this point). There is also no guarantee that the package will be shipped out after customs inspection, which means that the shipment will be returned to sender, leaving the shipper to eat the cost of return shipping. Because of this, DHL (and therefore EasyPost) doesn’t support shipments that are being sent to private or residential addresses in Russia.

If you are sending to a commercial address in Russia, you can still use DHL Express. USPS’ international options are also a viable alternative for all Russian addresses. If you have any questions, we recommend contacting your DHL representative for more information, as well as confirming with any alternative carriers to see if they will continue supporting shipping to private individuals in Russia.

Philippines Shipping Agent

Possible solution. Below is the only quotation from various agents. However we are not sure if they are up-to-day, or if their service to Russia is available, or if they can ship to private addresses.

LBC : $81 for 1kg

Post Office

Currently suspended. We can ship to any private addresses in Russia via Post office airmail or EMS. However their sevices are still suspected as of Nov 15, 2021.