Satch DAC with Universal Tube Output Stage

Satch is discontinued, however, the Univeral Tube Output Stage, one of the core components, is still available. Please click the related products tab for more information.

The Satch is our non-oversampling DAC. It uses the very analogue sounding Philips TDA1541A and SAA7220P/B digital filter. Premium parts throughout : Teflon coax cable, premium circuit boards, huge power supply and filtering. Dual plug daughter cards Output. Optional universal tube stage (UTS) takes it to the top. Almost any digital disk player with a digital out connection can benefit from an external DAC. Improvements are great dynamics, resolution, smoothness, clarity, sound-stage etc. The better the transport the better the result but this DAC will compare to kit costing 5X the price. The Satch is very quiet with <0.2mv noise so inner detail survives.

Customer comment : “OK, you won. The Satch is currently winning the contest for the best CD source in the world (but after installing the tubes). It is really very good.”

* Signal/Noise ratio: >98.5dB
* Dynamic Range: >91.5dB
* Output Voltage: >2V RMS @ 0dbfs
* Output Impedance: <220 Ohm
* Response: 20hz to 20k +-0.5db
* Output Polarity: Non inverting (correct polarity)
* Channel Separation: >91.8db
* Distortion: <0.002%
* Max Wordlength: 24Bit (DAC will accept 24 bit data, but will convert only the 16 most significant bits)
* Max Sample Rate: 96KHz with CS8414 fitted (1X operation) 48KHz with CS8412 fitted and in 4X operation Satch is shipped fitted with a CS8412 192KHz can be processed by the DAC via I2S (not supplied)
* Jitter Reduction: High-stability crystal-controlled re-clocking for all inputs (44.1KHz sample rate only)
* Input Connections: RCA selectable
* Output Connections: 1 pair of output connectors (RCA),
* Power Consumption: 100-135VAC or 200-270VAC 50/60hz 20W
* Dimensions: 320(L)x300(W)x70 (H)mm
* Weight: 10 kg (packed)