Our Signature Series of Reisong Amplifiers are our own upgraded versions of A10, A20 & A50.

There is no review yet for the Signature Series. But the reviews of the original A10, A20 or A50 gives you some ideas about the amplifiers before our upgrade. Keep in mind that the Signature Series are much better than the amps in the reviews below — smoother & more detailed sounding, especially on the higher notes.

Reisong A10 Amplifier (EL34)

The Reisong A10 tube amplifier is highly praised by audiophiles for its warmth, richness, and layered soundstage. With a slight V curve that boosts treble, the A10 allows for subtle details to shine through in recordings. Users report better midrange and surprising bass presence from the 6W amp.

it brings three dimensions into music

– from Youtube Review

Excellent depth, high end, and the warmth

-from Ubuy

they are boosted in bass and treble.

– comment from Youtube Review Video

adds … richness to vocal and acoustical music … gives a you are there” feeling making music sound live.

– from Audio Science Review

“There is layering in the soundstage. There is roundness to the sound. There is richness and warmth in the midrange. Bass is surprisingly present for a 6W amp. Reisong A10 has better midrange than Doge10″

-from Thomas & Stereo

“Has dimension to the sound layering within the soundstage, this fullness embody the warmth within the midrange… Gives a colorful presentation that’s all about having fun… With Reisong A10 you’re gonna notice his slight V curve he treble is gonna be boosted

The treble allows you to hear all the subtle little details within your recording.

People coming from solid-state amps feel like this is a lot more detailed due to how tube sounds plus the addition of that voicing. Will have some grit to the sound that adds to the realistic sense of tone.”

Zero Fidelity

Turning the volume up 75% on the knob makes my 89db sensitive speakers very loud in my medium sized room.

– from Audio Science Review

Paired with… speakers at 88db efficiency they play as loud as I would ever want

– comment from Amazon

I m hooked. This thing has more clarity, mid range sweetness and more layerings than the Nobsound… more details

from a Ubuy customer

Reviews on Reisong A20 KT88 Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Looking for a tube amp that delivers a delicate and mellow sound that won’t fatigue your ears? This review highlights a model with a nice level of detail and resolution, along with the sought-after holographic imaging and soundstaging of single-ended tube amps. Voices sound like they’re coming from midair, with crisp highs and tight bass, which eliminates the need for tone controls.

voices appear in midair…crisp clear highs and tight bass.

– comment by Bella from Amazon

Reviews from Hifi Amplifiers

Comment from: Kim

the sound is very delicate, the sound is mellow

Reviews from Amazon

Comment from: Vinh T.

nice level of detail and resolution, and has the holographic imaging and soundstaging that single-ended tube amps are coveted for.”

Comment from: Bella Cullen

it’s very easy on the ears vs my previous solid state amp

I notice no low level hiss or hum.”

Photo of Actual Product
point to point wiring - DIY Hifi Supply

Reviews on Reisong A50 300B Vacuum Tube Amplifier

The reviewed tube amplifier has received positive feedback from multiple users. It is noted for its powerful and forward sound with enhanced vocals and midrange clarity. The amp also produces a holographic sound and pairs well with speakers of 90db sensitivity.

A50 feels more powerful. Although just 1.6 watts more. Less volume knob rotation for same volume. 

– from Audio

Reviews from Amazon

Comment from : Lee V

I noticed were that the vocals sound much more present. 

it feels like the singer is right in front of you singing to you (not buried behind a cacophonic wall of noise).

Comment from: Ed

sound is somewhat holographic, delicious.

Comment from: David

Works well with speakers with 90db sensitivity.

Comment from: NK

The hype about super clear and sweet mid (and high too) is true.

Reviews from Audio

Comment from: OldGuy8

A50 seems a little more forward. More sparkle. I mentioned maybe more bass, think it does. A touch of treble harshness. The PSvane 300b tubes are likely thier entry level tube. Psvane Hifi marked. I’ve seen them for $140- $170 a matched pair. I do believe in tube/amp breakin. So I expect tubes will loose some harshness with time.

Photo of Actual Product

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