regarding Reisong amplifiers or speakers

Audition & Demo Listening

Q: Where is your demo studio located?

We are in Antipolo City. Type “Reisong® Authorized Sole Distributor” in google map for the subdivision name. For the exact address please contact us.

Q: Is there a fee for the demo or audition?

It’s free of charge. But we only accept seriously interested ones. Please write to us if you want us to arrange an audition for you. For those who are just curious about tube amp, they may come when we have an open day.

Q: Can I bring my own amplifier or speaker to test?


Tube Amplifiers

Q: Can I use other tubes?

Yes, that’s the fun part of tube amps. For example, you can replace the stocked with Tesla or Philips EL34 and the sound will change. You can use different brand of EL34 for different music.

Q: Is tube amp repairable?

Yes. That is the advantage of tube amp. Parts are always available. But for solid state amplifier or digital amplifier, sometimes it is not possible to fix when some parts are not in production.

Q: How can I use tube amp for singing?

The critical part is to have a good quality mixer. But it may be more safe and cheaper (you don’t want to damage your expensive Hifi) using seperate systems, one for the mic and one for the music source. Set up can vary. You may message us your current setup. We can advice you what will be the best solution.

Q: How many watt is your amp?

What important most is the speaker sensitivities. The closer to 90dB, the louder it can play. Over 90dB will be excellent.

Tube Amplifiers & Speakers

Q: Which speaker taps are better? 8 or 4ohm to use with a 6ohm rated speaker?

There will be no noticable sonic diference. But connecting a lower impedence speaker to the amplifier (i.e. connect 6 ohm speakers to the 8 ohm output transformer) in theory it will increase the load of the amplfier and it may overload and burn the amp. Although it never happen in our experience. So it will be safer to connect 6 ohm speakers to the 4 ohm connectors of the amp.

Q: What speakers would pair well with tube amps?

85dB or higher sensitivity.

Tube Amplifiers & Music Source

Q: Can I play music directly from my phone?

Yes. Just get a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable. Take note, please connect to the CD input, not the AUX. 

Q: Why you don't add bluetooth?

Bluetooth is convenient but the quality is lower. And the bluetooth standard keep changing. if the bluetooth chips is built in to the amp, when will you do with the amp when bluetooth standard changes. Tube amp is designed to last for decades. It’s not like a ceilphone that you may change every few years. if you really want bluetooth, it’s better to buy a bluetooth to RCA device seperately.

Q: Does this need a preamp to operate a turn table?

Depends. Some turntable has a built in phono amp. If your turntable doesn’t have it, you will need a phono amp.


Q: It sounds flat.

Probably your speakers’ efficiency or sensitivity is not high enough. If you don’t know where to find speakers that are 90dB or higher, you may consider our K-4 speakers.

Q: The music sounds strange.

(1) Check the red and white RCA cable. Swaping the left and right channel can cause wrong positioning of the audio.

(2) If you are using phone, please connect to the CD input, NOT the AUX.


Q: How many watt is the K4 speakers?

Forget the watt

90dB is a lot

There are two types of speakers because there are two types of amplifiers. (1) Vintage speakers for tube amplifiers, (2) other speakers (lower efficiency speakers) for non-tube amplifiers (solid state amplifiers).

Speakers designed for solid-state amplifiers have a wattage rating because solid-state amplifiers have much higher power output — ranging from 40w to 200w per channel. If you connect a 100w speaker to a 200w amplifier and you accidentally start your amplifier at the maximum volume, you will damage not only your eardrums but also the speakers. Or if you want to put your speaker very far away and play the amp at the maximum volume to rock the whole hall, the speakers will be damaged too. That’s why speakers have a wattage rating.

Speakers designed for vintage or tube amplifiers are different. Remember tube amplifiers have much lower power output. It means tube amplifiers will not reach the limit of the speakers. Therefore, speaker wattage is NOT important for a tube amplifier. Rather, speaker sensitivity or speaker efficiency is what we look for.

For example you used to have a 100w solid-state amp with 100w speakers, later you discovered that the speakers are 80dB. Now you got a new 8w tube amp and you want to play the music as loud as the solid-state amp, all you need is speakers that are 91dB or higher. Surely the tube amp will sound better than the solid-state amp.

If you are looking for speakers for a tube amp, let’s forget the watt, 90dB is a lot.

Q: Is there a woofer or a tweeter in the K4 speaker?

It does not need any tweeter or any woofer because the driver is a full-range driver.

That’s why it sounds very clean and detailed. No crossover is needed, no component is in the middle of the signal path to cause distortion.

Q: How many dB is the K4 speaker?

91dB. Perfect for a tube amp.