Reisong Tube Amplifiers

Reisong A10 EL34 amplifier has been around for many years and has gained many good reviews in US and Europe. After some research, we are impressed with the quality of their transformers. During our discussion with Reisong’s owner, we believed that their transformers are indeed of decent quality because the owner himself is a Hifi lover and he started by making transformers for a Korean company. If they can make good transformers, then their amp should be good too. So in 2022 we got some samples for testing.

Compared with other similarly priced China-made EL34 amplifiers, Reisong A10 really sounds different and better. Reisong A10 is very good value for money. No wonder they gained many good reviews! Anyway, we tried to do upgrades and modifications, and eventually, we achieved a significant improvement in the clarity, soundstage, and smoothness, that’s what we called A10 Signature. After listening to A10 Signature, you won’t like A10 anymore.

The Reisong owner and I have the same mind – we have to provide good after-sale service, including warranties. So right away we formed an agreement that we will be the exclusive distributor of Reisong products in the Philippines.