Projekt-Universal Tube Output EZ Linestage Manual

Table of Contents
Projekt-Universal Tube Output EZ Linestage Manual
Electrical Performance
Introduction and Overview
The diyhifisupply® Universal Tube Output Stage has been designed to offer a State of the Art tube amplification stage, mainly intended to be applied to CD-Players, DVD-Players and DA-Convertors to completely replace the original solid state analogue circuit.
Additional applications include the use as Line Preamplifier with 6dB or 12dB gain. This manual will focus on that. For other applications request the UTS application pdf (also accessible from our home page:
For ease of application all connections on the Universal Tube Output Stage are provided as screw terminals and all configurations are handled by gold-plated jumpers, so no soldering is required on the actual Universal Tube Output Stage Module. For those desiring soldered connections instead we recommend to either unsolder the screw terminals and solder the wires in the holes thus available or to simply solder the wires to the solder pads below the PCB.
Equally, for those wishing a soldered configuration instead of jumpers simple solder bridges can be soldered across the jumper pins below the PCB.
Electrical Performance: 
(example only as will vary by implementation):
measurements Iout DAC Mode (=30db gain)
referenced to 2V RMS, Saratov (Reflector/Sovtek) 6N23 fitted
Measurements vary with different tubes fitted
  • S/N- > 100dbA (approx 5nv/hz).
  • THD- <0.15% (<0.1% typical); <1%THD (10Vout, 100K load)
  • 20Hz – 20KHz (< -0.5db with IHF 10K/1nf load)
  • Output Impedance <100 Ohm
  • Can use 6cg7, 6N11,ECC 88, 6DJ8, 6922, 6H1 only