TVC Transformer Volume Control Pair (Supermalloy)

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Silk Supermalloy TVC (Pair)

SQ annealed core, 23 steps, high purity copper/Teflon leadout wires, beautiful stainless 5x7cm can with mounting brackets. NEW! premium core offers +40% increase in permeability with even lower hysteresis and coercive force. The new core has almost double the permeability! the new SILK Supermalloy products have the highest inductance, highest Q factor, lowest hysteresis; coercive force. Transfer of signal energy (even minute details) is improved to another new level. And bass to rock the foundations: at 20Hz, the new TVC has around 1,100 to 1,200h! the quality difference between this and typical Permalloy is huge!

D x H: 46 x 67mm

Weight 1000 g

Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm

Price per pair.

Silk-23-TVC 3-600x600 DIY Hifi Supply TVC-Bal-600x600 DIY Hifi Supply

note: Wiring of some previous production was color coded. BLU=P1, RED=P2, GRN=P3, YEL=P4.

TVC-RCA-600x600 DIY Hifi Supply TVC-RCA-Bal-600x600 DIY Hifi Supply