Signature 300B SE Amplifier (upgraded REISONG® A50) (12-month warranty in the Philippines)


P47,000 Philippines Peso

including all tubes

P55,900 Philippines Peso

including TJ mesh plate 300B, driver tubes and rectifier tubes.

In stock

The Signature 300B amplifier is much better than even the best factory version (A50). Smoother sounding, more detailed, bigger sound stage.

There are different factory versions of Reisong A50. The cheapest A50 has a smaller power transformer and components are soldered on the PCB. The more expensive A50 has a stronger power transformer and components are soldered by direct wiring (point-to-point). We are not comparing the our Signature version with cheaper version of A50. No. Our Signature 300B amp sounds better than the most expensive version of A50.

The price of the Signature Version is still very affordable because the premium parts come from our own supply.  You may visit our demo room to hear the difference with your own ears.

Tubes Used

Power tubes: 300Bx2 (brand PSVANE)

Driver tubes: 6N8P (6SN7)x 2

Rectifier tube: 5Z3PATx1



Output power: 7.6W x 2 (Class A)

Output impedance: 4ohm / 8ohm


Input impedance: 100Kohms

Number of input : 3 pairs

Other Specification

Frequency response: 30Hz-42KHz

Total harmonic distortion: 1% (1kHz)

Input sensitivity: 750MV

Signal to noise ratio: 89DB 


12 months on the amplifier and tubes, provided that the items to be returned to our lab in Antipolo for checking, and pick up in Antipolo.