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PREMOTEC 12V DC MOTOR 9904-120-18105 is part of the CL series of small coreless DC motors providing maximized performance through the use of high performance permanent magnets, a uniquely wound and formed coreless rotor, and a precious-metal commutation system. CL motors are efficient, having zero iron loss, and being coreless, they have no preferred rotor position (cog-free), minimal torque ripple, and low rotor inertia. CL series motors are ideal for medical devices, small pumps, mirror/prism drives, and ticket and money dispensers.
  • Coreless rotor design for smooth, cog-free operation
  • High-strength magnets for maximized performance
  • Coreless design means no iron loss and higher efficiency compared to iron-core motors
  • Precious metal commutation system in for low starting voltage
  • Low inertia rotor for rapid response

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