Premium SE Output Transformer Pair (3.0K, 20W, 250mA, 0/4/8/16ohm)

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13-155khz, 20W max power output, 250mA max, for 300b, 2a3, EL34 etc.



L x W x H : 110 x 95 x 95mm




Additional Specification:

Recommended current : 90mA

Primary Inductance: 18H @20Hz

Frequency response : 13hz – 155000Hz @3dB


Note: Can be wired to 2.5k, 3k or 3.5k. Lead time is 6 weeks.

Color coding may change without advance notice. Please refer to the diagram in the box.

Weight 6400 g

Important Note:

If the transformer is made from 2018 to now, the RED is B+.

If the transformer is made before 2018, the RED is Plate.