Premium 45 SE Output Transformer Pair (0/4/8 ohm, 5K, 12W 500V) [OPT06]

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Very wide bandwidth and smooth frequency response, low insertion loss, low phase shift, low distortion at high and low frequency, very constant impedance throughout its frequency band, precision air-gapped (adjusted under FFT analysis).

  • Primary Impedance: 5.0K
  • Nominal DC current : 60mA
  • Maximum DC current : 120mA
  • Inductance at 20Hz : 18.0H
  • Frequency Response (-3.0dB) & Source Impedance = 0.7X : 30Hz – 80KHz
  • Recommended circuit: 45, 71A, VT-52, 6BL7, 6BQ5, 6BX7

Dimension (each) : L x W x H : 60 x 70 x 95mm

Weight (pair) : 3.5kg


Note: The product photo is for reference only. The actual dimension, model number, or pins arrangement may differ from the photo.

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Weight 3400 g


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