Minute 300B S.E.T. Amplifier (fully assembled)


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Premium core material for all output transformers, choke AND power transformers. The same transformers were used in Ladayday 91 and Lux 91. Premiums parts are used through out the signal path – Obbligato gold premium film caps, kiwame carbon film resistors, gold pin teflon tube sockets, premium mesh plate TJ 300B etc. More than that, there are lots of choices of 6SN7 available in the market.

Minute 300B amp is really quiet because the power supply is in a separate chassis.

Building and testing time is around 3 weeks.

Price includes all tubes

  • Premium TJ Fullmusic mesh plate 300B (match pair)
  • NOS 6SN7 (pair)
  • Rectifier tube (pair)



Rear panel:

  • 5 pairs RCA in
  • Binding posts (Transformers support 4/8/16 ohm. Default wiring is 8ohm. If you want other impedance, please put a note when you place your order. )

Front panel:

  • A source selector
  • A carbon pot volume control
  • One pair RCA jacks allow direct input to bypass the carbon pot.

Shipping weight: 


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Weight 30000 g


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