Litzi Silver Speaker Cable (Pair, free FedEx/UPS Int’l Delivery)


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Litzi speaker cables are made of 1824 individually insolated silver wires. With our Litzi cables, unheard details in the music are revealed due to the enormous skin effect. At the same time, lower frequency or bass is improved due to the massive total gauge. Litzi can bring an instant upgrade to your sound system. It sounds better than many cables selling at 3x higher.

Transformers, tubes, capacitors, and resistors all will fail over time. Yet Litzi Cable will last – almost forever.



Outer diameter: 18mm

Length: 3.2 to 3.5 meters (Longer than 3.5 meters are available. An Additional $55 per extra foot and lead time is 4-8 weeks. Please order by email.)


Shipping and Packing:

One pair of Litzi Speaker Cables can fit in a FedEx Pak. No additional shipping charge for additional small parts as long as they can fit in a FedEx Pak.


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