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Includes premium JFETs in the output — Zout is only 50 ohms.


  • Audio module with LSK389 buffers fitted -3dB Bandwidth: 100kHz (with capacitive loads up to 1nF)
  • THD + N: < 0.004% (2V RMS 10K load)
  • Noise: > -120dB (re. 2V)
  • Output impedance: < 50 Ohm


  • 1 Projekt X Chassis 70 x 300 x 320mm
  • 4 Iso Mount feet
  • 6 pair DIY’rs friend RCA jack
  • 2 knobs: CNC solid aluminum
  • 1 set Ultimate Volume Control Audio and Control Modules and power supply for 115/230v
  • 1 IEC teflon hookup cable
  • JFET output
  • LED display shows volume level and selector position

Programmable Remote Control needed – not supplied

The diyhifisupply® Ultimate Volume Control (UVC) has been designed to offer a State of the Art volume control and input switching selection. The Ultimate Volume Control is built around the Dallas Semiconductor DS-1666 digitally controlled analogue potentiometer (DCAP), as used in all current Audio Research Preamplifiers. Unlike other common volume control chips the DS-1666 DCAP does not contain a build in op-amp, nor does it require them to be applied externally. In essence it is just a 128 Step Attenuator on a chip, using a resistor ladder and FET Switches instead of a resistor ladder and mechanical switches.

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