DJANGO MAX (TVC Preamp) in Bamboo Wood Chassis (free Fedex/UPS international express shipping)


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Django is a creative approach for a lossless and noiseless preamp or volume control. It represents the ultimate transparency with dynamics even at the lowest listening levels.

There are lots of options to build a Django. Please email us if you have special requirements.

To have the most transparent sound, almost all signal path components are made of silver – from the RCA input to RCA output, including the pure silver hookup wire, the Japanese toggle switches, even the soldering joint. Yes, all of those are silver!

Since the preamp is passive and heatless, it is easy to maintain and almost unbreakable. It can last for a lifetime! As long as you take good care of it, the resell value will remain very high.


This listing is for one professionally assembled and tested Django. The ordering lead time is usually 3 to 6 weeks. Shipping time will be 1 week (can be 2 weeks during the pandemic).


Kit version:

We can supply you with a kit version at a lower price. Lead time is only 2-3 days to pack the parts. A detailed step-by-step full-colored instruction manual will be provided. Free technical support or diagnosis will be provided. Please please your order by email.




Input: 1 XLR and 4 RCA

Output: 1 XLR and 1 RCA

Attenuation: 23 steps (optional +6dB gain)



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Django Mini (silver, kit), Django Mini (silver, assembled), Django Mini (black, kit), Django Mini (black, assembled), Django (wood, kit), Django (wood, assembled), Remote Django (black, assembled), Remote Django (wood, assembled)


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