26GA Copper Sheet (per 10cm²)


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Copper sheet should be part of every DIY’rs parts store:

ground plane – make flawless signal return ground path using bug-splat! type connection points.

shielding/lining chassis, sensitive high gain stages, transformers etc.

And make your own tube shields – commercial tube shields are perfectly useless thin .3mm aluminum. Roll a tube shield from this copper sheet, run a ground wire to chassis and you won’t believe the difference electrically and sonically.

This sheeting is 0.4+mm thick, the thickest that can be reasonably soldered by DIY’rs because copper is VERY effective conducting heat when in sheet form.

We accept order of any size provided maximum length is 30.5cm

For example, a piece of 5cm x 8cm sheet is 40cm², or 4 of this 10cm² Copper sheet. Please indicate the size of the sheet when you check out.

Note: We will cut it with unfinished edges.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 3 × 3.3 × 0.4 cm

32cm x 30.5cm, 4cm x 30.5cm, 8cm x 30.5cm


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