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Amplifiers & Speakers

After 22 years of making and selling tube amps to US and Europe, in 2022 we turned our attention to the Philippines. We and Reisong made a Signature version of EL34 amplifier exclusively for the Philippines audiophiles. It looks like the A10 but it sounds much better. Now it’s not just beautiful but also has an excellent voice. We are the only shop that sell this Signature EL34 amp.

P22,990 for a signature EL34 Amp

P39k for the whole set including speakers

Demo or Audition

How do you know if you will like the sound of an amplifier? Some people google, some watch youtube, others browse in Facebook. But all of them have a common limitation — cannot listen to the actual sound. Why not come to our listening room and experience the sound of the tube amp before you decide to make a purchase? We are in Antipolo which is not far from Manila.

Warranty & Technical Support

12 months warranty for amplifiers and tubes. 

Just send it back to Antipolo and we will check it for you.

We will contact you once the test or repair is done and you can just come to pick up in Antipolo.


Hifi Parts

We have almost everything you need to build an amplifier.