DIY Hifi Supply

Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: August 8, 2023

By placing an order on, I agree to the terms and conditions below (the “Agreement”).  

Import Tax and Duties

I understand that it’s my responsibility to pay import tax and duty.


I undesrtand that if I choose post office shipping, I accept the shipping risk to enjoy the lower shipping cost. If DIY Hifi Supply has given the correct shipping address and has packed with sufficient packaging but there are postal delay, postal damage or postal loss, I will request DIY Hifi Supply to assist in claiming from the post office but I will not claim any compensation from DIY Hifi Supply.

Warranty; Returns; Damaged Products

I understand that to claim the warranty, I will ship the items back to DIY Hifi Supply’s service center with the original packaging at my cost. The claim will be valid if the item(s) arrive DIY Hifi Supply without any physical damage and there is no evidence of misusage, water leakage, over-voltage due to power surge etc. 

Order Acceptance; Cancellation

I understand that DIY Hifi Supply reserves the right to cancel my order and issue full refund to me.

By engaging in DIY Hifi Supply services, I agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.