Refund and Returns Policy

Return and Replacement

“Always treat our customers in the way we want to be treated.” That’s simple and fair. You don’t need to read a list of terms and conditions that is a few pages long. Therefore it’s very easy to deal with us and we have had a good relationship with our customers ever since.

Capacitors, resistors, etc never have any problem with the product quality. The only issue is the shipping delivery. We guarantee that our packaging is strong to withstand even rough delivery. However, customs and delivery processing is out of our control, but we are always ready to assist you till you receive your parcel.

Tubes can be trouble sometimes. Therefore, the 12-month warranty is stated clearly on our website for all the TJ tubes. For tubes other than TJ, we offer a 1-month warranty. If ever a tube fails, please give us details like the problem you observed, measurement of voltages if possible, where the tube was used, steps that are taken to identify the issue etc. After our communication, then please pack the failed tube well in the original packaging and return it to our address in the Philippines. If the tube is used in a normal condition, we will ship you a replacement without any shipping charge.