How to pay by bank?

Transferwise is an easy way to transfer money with low bank fee. You can pay to the local bank account of Transferwise through bank counter or online banking.


Step 1: Login in If you don’t want to create an account, you can login using your existing google or facebook account.

Step 2: Click “Send money”.

Step 3: Input the USD amount to send, or choose other local currency. We accept the rate in google. Please make sure the recipient currency is HKD.

Step 4: Choose sending money to “Business or charity”.

Step 5: Input our bank information.

  • Email:
  • Name: DIY Hifi Supply
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • City: Yuen Long
  • Address: 2013, 20/F, Hung Cheong Hse, Hung Fuk Est.
  • Bank name: BANK OF CHINA (HONG KONG) LIMITED [012]
  • Account number: 61600055878

Step 6: Review and confirm the payment details.

Step 7: Now you can choose online banking or local wire transfer. Fund will arrive in few hours to 2 days.