All the glory of 300B single ended sound with no sacrifices.
Besides the 6moons review, customers add their own listening impressions: “Thanks for a great amp. Will continue to report back as the amp burns in but for now its a winner. Its better than my xxxx as it is more detailed, faster and refine which is surprising as the xxxx is typically more towards the “45 sound” than the typical “300B sound”. But my LD91 MonoMax is slightly more towards the 45 than the xxxx and more powerful. And the LD91 is more quiet. The first amp I have that has no noise/hum whatsoever at idle, even with my ears into the cones. Even my solid state amps have some slight hiss…. I have a xxxx. This is the single ended JFET version (1 gain stage only). But its only 3 watts output only. Bottom line, I prefer the LD91 MonoMax in my system. Surprisingly, they share a lot more in common than one would expect but the LD91 has that slight tube lushness and liquidity that the xxxx lacks. Note that I am running my LD91 MonoMax with a 5Kohm primary at 16 ohm secondary on my OPTs. Perhaps since I am now using a solid state phonoline preamp, the LD91 MonoMax gets the overall better balance for my system and therefore preferred by me. But do note that the LD91MonoMax has more power and drive. And as I have mentioned before, its also quieter. Running the LD91 MonoMax with 3.5Kohm primary on the OPT gives me a slightly warmer, richer sound (but slightly less transparent than the 5Kohm primary) which is closer to the typical “300B sound”. But, as you know, I prefer a 45/71a type sound and the 5K primary gets me close to that but with real world power output.”
***NEW*** “Given the quality of components, the design and more importantly the sound on offer, for me this is the biggest bargain in single-ended valve amplification available today” – Review in Read the review here.

Lux91 MonoMax 300B SET Power Amplifier Kit: Gold recovered from the archives of the golden age of tube technology has swing! This is a refinement of the famous WE91 circuit added to the reactive interstage comprised of 5687, choke and direct coupling to the 300B grid for HUGE dynamic swings (yes, 16W).

Pair of mono-block chassis includes optimized Tantalum/Kiwame resistors, silver wire, ABS grid bias (no cap on the cathode), teflon tube sockets, pure copper gilded speaker binding posts, pure copper gilded RCA, 6 pin driver tube socket and 310A grid caps,

The Lux91 Max: a sane selling price vis-a-vis features. Forever dumps the poison of electrolytics in the power supply and thus offers the only 300b all film cap SET amplifier.

So what’s this P:USH Power business? Power for Ultimate Signal Headroom! Because the FCUPS with it’s huge store of inductive energy and in virtual battery mode is in a totally different league than banks of caps, resistors and even big chokes in their little puddle of inductance.

Includes 1 pair monoblock chassis, standard output transformers, filament supplies as standard, Film Cap universal power Supply modules, all premium parts as listed above, 310a Russian driver tubes and 5U4G rectifier and 5687. 300B sold separately. Solid Plate types recommended. Only sold assembled. Plug and play.

Note: please specify 4/8 ohms or 8/16ohms output to suit your speakers.
Please specify your country voltage.

Please click here to download manual.