LD91 MonoMax 300B SET Power Amplifier Kit: Gold recovered from the archives of the golden age of tube technology has swing! This refinement of the famous WE91 circuit uses a tiny amount of local positive feedback (can be left out if the word ‘feedback’ gives you the shakes) to give flat response to 20K (the original 91 circuit rolls off at 10khz and has a reputation for sounding dark). Pair of mono-block chassis. (No tubes as standard). Includes Optimized Tantalum/Kiwame resistors, silver wire, cathode wire wound, teflon tube sockets, pure copper gilded speaker binding posts, pure copper gilded RCA, 6 pin driver tube socket and 310A grid caps, new 310A/Russian (matched pr), WE connection caps (Obliggato Caps 47uf, 12uf), teflon tinfoil coupling caps, FCUPS all films cap power supply, silver hookup wire, instructions. Everything except 300Bs included.

The LD91 dual mono chassis: a sane selling price and also forever dumps the poison of electrolytics in the power supply and thus offer the one and only all film cap SET amplifier.
So what’s this P:USH Power business? Power for Ultimate Signal Headroom! Because the FCUPS with it’s huge store of inductive energy and in virtual battery mode is in a totally different league than banks of caps, resistors and even big chokes in their little puddle of inductance.

Includes 1 pair monoblock chassis, filament supplies, Film Cap universal power Supply modules, all premium parts as listed above, 310a Russian driver tubes.

rectifier 5U4/5Z3P and 300B sold separately