1 – Introduction and Overview


The Vinyl Song is a State of the Art Phono Preamplifier/Equalizer with 38dB (MM) and 62dB/68dB (MC selectable) of gain. By using the Silk 600 Ohm LCR RIAA EQ Modules not only a very precise equalization is attained, but also noise is kept very low. The (optional for the MC version) Cinemag step up transformers provide the extra gain for MC pickups without adding noise or colorations.

For ease of application all connections on the Universal Tube Output Stage are provided as screw terminals and all configurations are handled by gold-plated jumpers, so no or only minimal soldering is required on the actual Universal Tube Output Stage Module.

In fact we have found mechanical connections to sound better than soldered. The kit is also supplied with premium RIAA parts – polystyrene capacitors and teflon shielded mini coax. Although contained in one box the transformers have their own iron shielding cage with a net result of state-of-the-art quiet and incredible dynamic range.