Fusion³: 24bit/192khz USB DAC + Ultimate Tube Linestage + Power Amplifier (assembled)

The Fusion³ contains:
– Cleo 24bit/192khz USB DAC with Ultimate clock and discrete linear power supply (check here to find out all the goodness of Cleo)
– Ultimate Volume Control and selector with remote control (check here to read about the UVC)
– UTS tube stage driving (check here for the UVC)
– Fusion power multiplier amplifier modules for 50 watt out, 8 ohm (80 watt 4 ohm, 25 watt 16 ohm) (check here for Fusion)
End to end music in a small footprint

Chassis is 70 x 300 x 320mm and weighs 10kg

4 RCA inputs + USB input, remote control selectable
2 pairs speaker binding posts
all premium grade parts
extreme short signal path for good sound and low noise

Remote handset not included
computer not included
external hard drive not included
front control knobs are included
ECC88 equivalent included

To utilize the on board USB DAC, a computer capable of bit perfect playback on the USB bus is needed. Our solution is the Asus EB1501 and highly recommended

Note: Specify country voltage when ordering