EZ UTS phono stage.

As shown in the UTS manual. Basically a 2-UTS-modules-in-series-and-RIAA-network sandwich.


We found it needs 2 power transformers. Reason: to break ground loops and forestall AC filtering imbalance since in a phono stage noise is a paramount issue.The transformers are placed in a separate steel box for shielding.

AC wires need to be shielded and the shield connected to IEC chassis ground (anyone know any good spooled AC cord with 100% shielding?).

Result: state-of-the-art low noise (0.1mv self noise) and big dynamics tube phono stage with about 36-38db gain (depending on tubes)

And – it’s EZ!

The recipe:
Large Project box with feet, connectors and switches etc
Steel enclosure for power transformers
2 UTS modules and 2 power transformers
RIAA parts
AC wire braided shield

Assemble, connect, plug and play!
EZ and no noise tomfoolery.