EZ UTS-Projekt Phono

Yesterday we got the UTS EZ linestage with Extensions into the system.

The shaft extensions make a difference: sound is improved

1. more immediate, micro-macro dynamics resolved more easily, big transients seem strike from out of nowhere and delicate sounds present themselves with noticeable finesse
2. self-noise has dropped significantly; ~0.2mv which is close to our limit to measure and maybe explains some of #1
update: with 0.4mm copper tube shield in place, grounded to chassis it drops to 0.1mv!
3. The tactile quality of switch action is much improved due to the effect of the flexi connection between shaft and switch. IMO clunky switching puts the ears in a bad mood

We will still try some other enhancements:
coupling caps – we have the obbligato tin foil and a sample pair of paper-in-wax aluminum foil (huge)
tube shield, et