Ergo-Ella KT88/6550/EL34 PP Amplifier

Ergo Ella are sold out. However, most premuium parts are still avaiable in the componets page.

Below is the design concept and the manual for your reference.


The Ergo-Ella.
Starts at level 3 – sorry can’t go lower because it already includes state-of-the-art power supply FCUPS and ABS and premium parts.

On the right:
All the AC stuff
– IEC connector, transformers, power switch power transformer matrix: 1 large one for B+ and 2 small ones for filament supply
– terminal strips allow easy switching and adding/subtracting voltages for many circuits, KT88/2A3 PP, 300b or what-have-you SE

On the left:
All the DC stuff
– FCUPS (film cap universal power supply), ABS (active bias supply), input filter caps
– FCUPS: all film caps power supply in a package comparable in size to toxic electrolytics.
– electronic choke on board with equivalent 500h allows use as virtual battery supply.
– ABS modules. These lock the bias of each tube so anode current is in perfect balance so no DC goes across the OPT core.
– FCUPS/ABS Protection Link. Any fault with a tube – runaway, whatever, Protect shuts dowe B+

Down the middle:
All the signal stuff
– includes adapter plates so completely configurable from 6 to 8 tube, SE or PP, octal, UX4, noval or blank out one section with included cover plate.

Hardware: Premium connectors, binding posts, and passive parts are used throughout. The chassis is solid, heavy and non-magnetic for best sound. Bamboo wood cheeks and fascia. The Ella tube amp is highly reviewed internationally and our best selling amp kit. Includes picture-based buildup instructions. Note the 4/8/16 ohm speaker taps: Why? It is needed. Really. Nominal impedance ratings are often misleading. An 8 ohm rated speaker may be 6 or 12 ohm and often sounds better on 4 or 16 ohm taps. Always try different taps to determine which gives best sound. When the right tap is selected, sound stage will be bigger and sounds more energetic. Also 16 ohm taps allow using vintage high efficiency speakers. Connecting them to 8 ohm is a compromise.

* Power output: 60Wx2 RMS @ 1KHZ Class AB
* Frequency response: 6-60kHz (-3dB@10W)
* THD: <1% (53W@1KHz); 0.1% (1W@1KHz)
* Signal to noise: 90dB
* Inputs: 1 set RCA and space for 1 set of XLR
* Input sensitivity/impedance: 100mV, 50K
* Output impedance taps: 4, 8, or 16 ohm
* Power: 105/115/120/210/220/230/240/250V AC +- 10% 90W
* Weight: 25Kg
* Tubes: 4xEL34 (or 6550/KT88), 2×6922, 2x6SN7