1. The indicated trace is cut and resistor placed across it to prevent oscillation. Resistor from 1K to 5K is acceptable
  2. Connect B+ as shown, or optionally a 1ohm resistor can be connected from that trace to the trace labelled B+. In that case B+ connects to the labelled B+
  3. Connect anode as shown to reduce possibility of oscillation. Keep all leads short.
  4. Adjustable pot is 2K and can adjust the CCS from 2 to 100ma. Note: higher current requires heat sinking. Recommended to install to chassis with hardware provided and as shown. Note: the back of the IXYS is conductive and must be insulated from the chassis.
  5. Be careful: shorting the IXYS CCS will damage the 10S45M. There is no warranty for that.
  6. For referemce: the B+ voltage less the anode voltage below the CCS is the voltage available for signal swing. Ie 400V B+ – 200V anode = 200v so +-100v signal.