Cleo: USB DAC (meaning usb input only): ASYNCHRONOUS USB DAC up to 192KHz with Tube Output.

*MuMetal wrapped power transformer
*Ultimate Clock power supply
*On board Linear power supply (LPS) (nothing powered from the computer)
*Ultimate Clock module with 0.5ppm TCXO
*UTS (tube output stage)

The mods on the Musiland PCB include Sanyo Os-Cons and Elna Silmic Capacitors in specific positions to get the best sound, disabling all the switched mode local supplies and re-using the chokes from the SMPS’s to add LC filtering to the DAC power-supply (pre DAC regulator).

Only the digital core of the Musiland is retained (including the 192KHz/24 Bit advanced segment DAC by Burr Brown), with heavily upgraded power supplies (including a low noise “current source” pre-regulator supply by using the filament supply) and related circuitry.

As implemented the EZ-Clock that replaces the on-board clock from the Musiland PCB uses the XTAL emulation which also removes the ground reference for the clock, meaning the effects of the on-chip ground bounce (due to the lead frame and the bond wire resistance and inductance) are bypassed, as the clock not only has a separate, isolated supply, it also has no ground connection to the audio circuit whatsoever.

And last but not least…
The original Op-Amp analog stage of the Musiland is completely removed. The DAC’s output pins directly connect via silver solid core wire in teflon sleeving to the Tube Stage PCB, the outputs from the tube stage also use silver solid core wire in teflon sleeving. The Tube stage is fitted with the Obbligato Tinfoil Capacitors.

Note: needs a PC as the 24 bit 192khz capability requires includes drivers. At this time can not be used with Mac.
Note: USB input only.

110-240v: specify when ordering otherwise will configure to voltage of your country.

the Cleo can be ordered configured to your spec in case you have your own power supply, clock module, TCXO, or tube output stage.
Credit amounts:
deduct clock, 0.5ppm TCXO and clock power supply -$225USD
deduct linear power supply for DAC pcb -$40USD
deduct tube output stage with tinfoil caps and MuMetal wrapped transformer -$230USD
deduct Tesla 6922 -$15USD
email with your desired configuration. Of course you will need to install and troubleshoot your own parts
*Not include USB cable and power cord

Projekt X Chassis 70 x 300 x 320mm