BIX motor pulley Turntable DIY Hifi Supply

BIX Belt drive DC motor turntable


BIX has a number of advanced features and a level of parts quality not seen at this price point.  It is the result of several years of tweaking and swapping parts with the goal of attaining a full-bodied and dynamic voice.  This basic character will ensure that the BIX will have staying power as the heart of your vinyl playback system, unlike designs which pursue clinical levels of detail that impress at first but rob the music of its soul. Despite its modest selling price, the BIX will do full justice to ‘super arm’ and cartridge combinations.


BIX+ has more options:

  • Dual-Motor
  • Dual-Plinth
  • 9″ or 12″ tonearm

Below are the premium parts used in BIX:

Low Friction Bearing/ Spindle:

  • Very smooth surface finishing due to the new process: EP, Electrolytic Processing.
  • Optimal lubrication. Oil feeder channels constantly push oil into the top section of the bearing.
  • Hollow spindle allows adding lubricant from the top.
  • Non-magnetic material: nickel on phosphor bronze
BIX motor pulley Turntable DIY Hifi Supply

Platter: Non-resonant transparent 38mm solid acrylic platter for stable rotation with strobe calibration for real time speed adjustment.

BIX-classis-vs-plus turntable DIY Hifi Supply

Motor: Ultra high performance Holland-made DC motor, with high torque and stable design.

BIX platter strobe Turntable DIY Hifi Supply

The unique flexible pulley design employs a barrel contour with dual flanges. You can drive your platter with tape, flat or O-ring style belts or dual string drive. The pulley is made of aluminum.

The motor is housed in a solid 1kg iron casing. 72 mm tall by 120 mm diameter. Powder black finish. On top is a 33/45 rpm switch.

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