Appendix 4

–Backplate Mounting of Power Switch

–Optional Side Plate Mounting of power Switch


The UVC/UTS based 2 Channel Active Linestage
The chassis has 3 boards. For reference they are 1. Audio board closest to RCA jacks, 2. Control matrix board on the front panel and 3. UTS (universal Tube Stage) in the middle.


  1. Audio Board J1L and J1R changes settings between standard and shunt volume control. If used in shut position, the R13 and R17 resistors will have an effect on sound quality. Suggest to use the best available as discussed on page 3
  2. Gain on the UTS is selectable and best set to match desired overall system gain. Shunt mode operation will consume some gain so that the user may want to select UTS gain to a higher level (ie 12db instead of 6db gain). It will depend on sensitivity of speakers and amplifier. Output impedance will remain extremely low in each setting.
  3. JFET output is not needed when the UTS is used.
  4. The volume control knob is attached to an Alps encoder. It is normal for the encoder shaft to have some axial slack
  5. Knobs need to be installed by the customer. 2mm hex key to fit the grub screw.
  6. Connect AC power to the blue power transformer mounted on the Control Matrix as shown on page 6
  7. Connect the AC power to the torroid transformer and to the UTS pcb as shown on pages 20 and 21


The picture below illustrates the complete installation of all components of the UVC system in a compact chassis with Universal Tube Stage, thus creating a complete ultra low output impedance active preamplifier with remote control (requires optional universal remote control).
Backplate Mounting of Power Switch
Optional Side Plate Mounting of Power Switch