The RC-5 Remote Control Protocol


The DIYHFS‟s UVC uses industrial standard Philips RC-5 code


The RC-5 protocol was developed by Philips in the late 1980s as a semi-proprietary consumer IR (infrared) remote control communication protocol for consumer electronics. However, it was also adopted by most European manufacturers, as well as many US manufacturers of specialty audio and video equipment. The advantage of the RC-5 protocol is that (when properly followed) any CD handset (for example) may be used to control any brand of CD player using the RC-5 protocol.


The RC5 code is made up of 2 parts:
(1) Device Address (to identify the correct device; e.g. TV, VCR, Pre-amp etc.)
(2) Command (e.g. Volume +)


The UVC‟s software is set to respond to RC-5 IR Commands as follows:
Device (Address)
¾ Pre-amp01 (0x10)
¾ Pre-amp-02 (0x13)
¾ Tuner (0x11)


Note: any one of the above device will work.
Commands (address):
¾ Volume + (0x10)
¾ Volume – (0x11)
¾ Channel + (0x20)
¾ Channel – (0x21)