About us

We specialize in supplying premium quality electronic components and hardware for building turntables, passive preamps, tube amplifiers and speakers. We supply to end users, hi fi dealers and manufacturers.

We started by selling the 300B power amplifier kit in 2004. We upgraded amps by replacing key components with premium parts like silver wire, audio note capacitors, Kiwame resistors, TJ Full Music tubes etc.

In 2006 we manufactured our own Obbligato film capacitors. The first version was in black plastic casing. Oil caps remain in black can form till now. But dried types are now in gold color non-magnetic metal casing. We also sourced our own connectors, chassis, transformers etc. Now we have complete range of parts to build high end amplifiers.

The company is based in Hong Kong, with access to an efficient and  inexpensive shipping service.

Your feed back is important to us. We have a stock room and workshop but no walk-in store. If you want to listen to our amplifiers, please contact us in advance, and we can arrange an “audition”.