About Reisong

Reisong, the cheap amp?

Reisong A10 EL34 amplifier has been around for many years and has gained many good reviews in US and Europe. What attracted many people was their price and their shiny chassis. But what about the sound? Is it just like other cheap tube amps from China?

Factory tour

During a factory tour in 2022, I was impressed with the factory size and equipment. I also had a long conversation with the founder and engineer. For three reasons I like this manufacturer:

  •  They started as a TRANSFORMER manufacturer for a Korean company. That is a very big advantage because good output transformers are critical for tube amps and it’s something difficult to upgrade.
  • The founder and engineer himself is a tube audio lover.
  • He values customer service. He wanted to have a reliable distributor in the Philippines because he wanted satisfied customers and he knew that tube amplifiers need after-sale service and technical support. That is exactly what I have been looking for — a manufacturer who values customer service.

But still what matters most is the sound of their amp. I was excited to get some samples for testing.

Audition & Upgrade

We had many China-made tube amplifiers before so we can do AB comparison. Reisong A10 really sounds better. Then we tried to do upgrades and modifications, and eventually, we achieved a significant improvement in the clarity, soundstage, and smoothness, that’s what we called A10 Signature. Now we have the best value-for-money tube amp in the market!

Immediately I contacted Reisong. They are glad that we will be the exclusive sole distributor of their product here in the Philippines.


— Simon, March 2023

A10 Signature

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