The UVC can be remote controlled from any remote control that implements the RC-5 remote control protocol (see Appendix 1) and supports audio components (Amplifier/Preamplifier).


Examples of relatively inexpensive remote controls that are known to work are the Altronics stock number A1009 “Universal 6 in 1 Remote Control” and the Altronics stock number A0977 “6 In 1 Jumbo Pre-programmed Remote Control”. 
Similar or identical remote controls are available from a range of electronic retailers. Many also offer considerably more sophisticated universal remote control solutions (Logitech, Sunwave etc.) at higher cost which tend to all allow the programming for the use with the UVC.


There are also many universal remote that it intend to only control TV/DVD/VCD/VCRs, but no audio equipment. This type of remote control will not work with the VC. Please make sure the remote control supports audio amplifier devices before purchase as indicated by programmability for audio devices such as „tuner‟ „preamplifier‟ „amplifier‟ etc.


Most universal remote controls work by entering a three or four digit “brand code”. This code is in no way standardised, but specific to the individual remote.


It is usually printed in small print on a page included with the remote, listing brand codes and equipment. An example of such an instruction/code page is found HERE.


Note that these codes ONLY apply to the Altronics A0977 “6 In 1 Jumbo Pre-programmed Remote Control” and not to any others.


Select a brand code for an audio amplifier, receiver or audio preamplifier by Marantz, Philips or Rotel. This should produce a working control. Often several codes are listed and it may be necessary to try several ones and possibly several brands.


A Brand Code for an audio device must be used, in other words, a brand code for Philips amplifier will work, but a brand code for Philips TV will not.