3.13 – Settings and Input wiring for voltage output DAC, stereo, balanced output, 2…3 VRMS full scale output voltage, 2.5V reference voltage

Known examples of DAC’s requiring these settings are:


Analog Devices AD1852, AD1854
Asahi Kasei (AKM) AK4324, AK4382, AK4394, AK4395, AK4396, AK4397
Burr Brown PCM1791, PCM1793, DSD1791, DSD1792
Crystal/Cirrus Logic CS4329, CS4350, CS4390, CS4391, CS4392, CS4396, CS4397, CS4398, CS43122
Nippon Precision Circuits (NPC) SM5865, SM5866, SM5872 (Note SM5865/66 Datasheets misidentify the outputs as current types)
Niigata Seimitsu FN1242A (Luxman “Fluency” DAC)
Philips TDA1547, SAA7350
Pioneer PD2026, PD2028, PD2029
Sony CXD2552Q
Wolfson Micro WM8740, WM8741


This type of DAC requires the following jumper settings:



The input connections should follow the Scheme shown underneath:



All Ground connections must be made to the DAC’s Analogue Ground Pin.